I’ve never had so much difficulty

keeping my stomach settled or trying to find a new pattern to start.

I really like Henry.

But at 452 stitches, it’s a beast to knit. Undeterred, I cast on with Rowan Cashcotton, miscounted and ended up with 490 stitches.

That should have been my clue to stop.

But I kept going and finished 3.5 rows before I realized the following:

  1. I would run out of yarn before I finished this.
  2. My daddy doesn’t wear pink.
  3. I don’t like cotton yarn, even cotton yarn that has cashmere in it.
  4. This is cute, but cotton scarves don’t do crap for warmth.

So now I’m frogging it and trying to find something to knit. So now I’m casting on for Spring Forward.

Yup, I’m back to my old standby: socks.
This pair is for Rowena, who recently lost her dog.

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