Off the Needles: No Purl Ribbed Scarf

This scarf looked gorgeous the moment I spotted it.

The pattern (if it can be called a pattern) is free from the Purl Soho. You can access it

I couldn’t help it. I cast on. Initially, I cast on with this:


Artesnal by Aslan Trends

I wanted this rough-hewn tweedy look, as I initially considered this scarf for my dad. Disaster. Cotton has little elasticity. Plus, Artesnal has weird stuff embedded in it. For a cotton/alpaca blend, it’s pretty scratchy, not exactly the thing I want next to my neck. So I frogged my work and  checked the stash for a substitute.

Rowan RYC Cashsoft Aran

Cashsoft Aran by Rowan

I grabbed the Cashsoft Aran in Foxglove. I’ve had this yarn since forever, and it was the right weight. Plus it’s merino and cashmere. Who doesn’t love cashmere?


No Purl Ribbed Scarf

It’s a gorgeous, spongy scarf, incredibly soft and thick. It’s also a color my father won’t touch, so I’m going to knit another scarf for him. Artesnal might get another look. Who knows?

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